Did Jesus ever have other dreams?

Jesus | Dislocated Christains | Dreams

Did Jesus ever have other dreams? Of getting married, having children, looking after his Mother in her old age, having his own or continuing his Dad’s carpentry business? Could he have become a renowned Rabbi in the tradition of the Pharisees or Sadducees? Or perhaps as a teenage boy did he dream of doing something violent, joining up with the Zealots to overthrow the Romans?

All humans dream of things they want to do, and if Jesus became fully human he must have had dreams and aspirations, both righteous and unrighteous.

At what point and at what age did Jesus realise his human dreams would not become reality? That God had other plans. When it dawned on him was he crushed, or excited that God had another purpose for him? Like all of us he probably felt a mixture of emotions, how well he identifies with us, but who helped him?

Jesus must have taken these dreams to the cross and they were nailed there for us.

Jesus | Dislocated Christains | Dreams

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