I am a Christian first and foremost, but also a military wife. Having lived in 19 houses in 24 years across three continents, I have been left feeling somewhat dislocated; I’m sure I have some psychological issues from all the changes! I rarely feel misplaced, though – God has always sent us to the right place at the right time.

My family and I have been involved with many different churches during our moves. Currently, we’re at an International Bible Church in Belgium. We’ve enjoyed and been challenged by worshipping with the Episcopal, Reformed and Southern Baptists in the USA. We attended an International church in Kathmandu, and when in England, we go to a Pioneer congregation and have also attended Anglican and Assembly of God churches.


I’ve called the blog Dislocated Christians because it seems to me that there are a large number of Christians who feel that they don’t fit in with the world. As much as we try to be obedient, we are never completely certain that we are doing what God wants us to do. I know there are many like me who look at the suffering in the world and wonder where God is. his isn’t a sign of weak faith; if anything, I trust that God is good and powerful to such an extent that I can’t reconcile those attributes with the pain I see around me.

Nepal etc

I run a charity in Nepal that helps impoverished women, have set up and am involved with several anti-human trafficking organisations, work with refugees, teach English as a foreign language, am a Mum of two and when in the UK, am active in politics.


This blog aims to draw together everything I am interested in and am involved with; hopefully, it will yield some sanity for me and be helpful to those who feel dislocated within global Christian culture as well.


Thanks for reading this far. I would be very grateful if you could please follow the blog (see below), comment on and question my posts. This is a community for everyone.


If you’d like to go a little further with your support, then I would be extremely grateful. I am increasingly being asked to write about challenging issues regarding vulnerable women in Asia. I enjoy this work, but it can be emotionally draining, and the research and travel can be costly. Purchasing one of my books is a real encouragement to me, and If you’d like to buy me a coffee to motivate me with my work, please click here.

Thank you

…for reading about me! Please leave a comment so I can learn a little about you.

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