Sheep lost in grass

Shepherd Lord

If it were up to me, I would give myself a discount on concert tickets. I am so short and always find myself standing behind someone tall. I don’t get the same experience at concerts that others do. I wouldn’t say that I feel scared in a crowd, but there’s definitely a feeling of claustrophobia, and I know of other people my height who avoid crowds altogether.
What is it like to be a sheep?

Girl mid cartwheel looking upside down as is God's foolish wisdom

Foolish Wisdom

You don’t have to go far on the internet, to find plentiful examples of posts in which Christians are accused of being idiots. Sometimes these attacks come in the form of lengthy arguments; in others, the accusations are short attacks full of swear words and vitriol. Why is it that so many Christians cherish the wisdom they find in the Bible, but that same knowledge seems like complete nonsense to those outside the faith? Why the mismatch?