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The Oxymoronic God article on Old News Joining the dots

This article is part of a series looking at the Oxymoronic names of God and how understanding them helps us to live as Christians in a fallen world. Please click here to read the introductory article and to find links to other articles in the series.

As Christians, we have brilliant news to share. Every person, from each culture and country, can have hope and freedom. Their sins are forgiven and everything that causes pain and destruction has been overcome. It is incredible, but Jesus victory over sin and darkness took place a long time ago. Rather than generating excitement, telling people about his death and resurrection can seem like passing on old news.

Fairy tales?

Many people think they have heard the gospel story and assume they know all they need to about it. Bible stories can be like fairy tales to them and are treated more like myths from ancient worlds than life-changing truths. It is assumed that only simple people need to believe them.

Yet, Jesus death and resurrection are still supremely relevant. Belief in him and the loving relationship that forms once someone gets to know Him personally is to encounter truth, love, and power. He breathes life into every situation.

How do we make old news relevant again?

In chapter 4 of the book of John, found in the bible, we find an example of Jesus sharing old news and bringing it to exhilarating life. He encounters a woman who knows part of the story. She’s from a minority group that was traditionally excluded from the traditions and knowledge that the Jews benefited from. She’s heard two rumours and speaks to Jesus about them. Firstly, she wonders where worship ought to take place. Does she have to go to Jerusalem, or can she worship God in her home region? Secondly, she states her hope that the promised Messiah will come but doesn’t know what to expect.

Jesus tells her that she can worship ‘wherever and whenever’, and that God is actively seeking people who honestly adore Him. Then he declares that He is the very Messiah she has heard stories about. He connects the dots for her, and the old tales suddenly become vivid and life-giving.

Have you ever been so excited about something that you have forgotten to eat?

After Jesus shares this news, the two of them suddenly become very animated and excited. She rushes off to tell her everyone she knows about what she has heard and how it makes sense to her now. Jesus is also buzzing. His friends return to find him in this agitated state and tell him to eat. He tells them he can’t sit down to eat now, he’s sharing old news!

When we share the gospel, though it may seem like old news to some, we get to be like Jesus. We can join the dots for those with questions and partial knowledge of the ways of God. We can tell people that the good news reaches them today and hope and a new life are awaiting them.

Just remember to eat!

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