Come with me to Kathmandu: 12 powerful stories of women’s courageous faith in Nepal

12 powerful stories of women's courageous faith in Nepal Anna Townsend

I’m delighted to let you know that this book will be published by Authentic Media to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023. I’t is already available for pre-order in the UK and Europe (North Americans will need to wait until December 2022 to pre-order, unless they are willing to pay postage from the UK).

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I regularly post photos of Nepal on Instagram and videos on Youtube to accompany the book.

Destination Transformation

DT front cover

My book ‘Destination Transformation: A forty day journey to change the world, written for people with baggage’ has been published and is available from Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

Please read a sample here.

A study guide for small groups is also available.

The Oxymoronic God

There are paradoxes and enigmas that exist within God and are captured in the oxymorons that describe Him. This book introduces you to new thoughts about God based on His oxymoronic names, such as Crucified Saviour and Servant King. Available on Amazon.

A collaboration with the Shanti Foundation

Who Am I? Shanti Foundation book front cover

Having previously only been available in Nepal, I worked with the Shanti Foundation to bring their book ‘Who Am I? Delving into the lives and experiences of people living with HIV’ to a wider audience. It was a moving book to edit, and all proceeds will benefit the Shanti Foundation. The book is available across all countries on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

Gurkha Research

My academic work looking at the contribution made to Nepal by Gurkha soldiers can be accessed here:




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