Woman Alive

Describing the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day

In Nepal we go big when celebrating International Women’s Day and you should too

Premier Christianity

One of the articles from this website was republished by Premier Christianity in the UK.

Opinion – 3 prayers for America amid a Covid-19 surge

Labour List

For Labour List on Sunday trading, I love how the rules God made for us make sense and benefit us all, even if, as here, they are explained without reference to Christianity

Academic Research

My acadmic work featured on the University of Birmingham’s International Development Department’s blog. I look at the impact of Joanna Lumley’s campaign to allow Gurkhas to settle in the UK on Nepal.


Women Without Roofs - Nepal | WWR | Kathmandu | Theology | A charity supporting women in Nepal who face hardship

Story about the work in Nepal featured in the Portsmouth News.

Talking to Triodos Bank

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