Advent & Greyness

Since launching the book a month ago I have been asked why I wrote it.  Quite simply I saw a need, there seems to be a lot of people who feel besieged by the world around them, but don’t know where to start to try to make it better, Destination: Transformation is for them.

This advent seems particularly dark, the recent shootings in Europe and America, the ongoing fighting in Syria and the rise of ISIS.  There seems to be a great sense of despair but really this is what advent is all about, a desperate waiting for God to break into the darkness and bring light.  Please Lord, come now, we are desperate.

For the first time it feels very personal, my own family and friends seems to have such different views on what needs to be done, in the UK there is a gulf between right and left, UKIP and Labour with it’s new ever so left-leaning leader.  In the US the number of gun deaths rises but people appear to be ever more polarised between choosing their 2nd amendment rights or controlling guns.  Donald Trump’s views on Muslims are increasingly popular to large swathes of the American population, whilst he is simultaneously causing revulsion amongst many. Division and disagreement are everywhere and add to the darkness.

The first advent was preceded by 500 years of near silence from God.  However, the last verse of the old testament foretells of someone who will ‘turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents’ so that the land will not be destroyed (Malachi 4:6).  We need this to happen now.  We need rifts between generations, friends, family, politicians and nations to be healed.  In Luke 1:17 this person is also described as one who will give us the wisdom of righteousness, or of the just.

How I long for that wisdom.  How I long for less soundbites and opinion, and more love and compassion.  I want more grey, not because I think God doesn’t see everything in black and white, and isn’t truth, but because I hope I am humble enough to admit I am seeking the truth and don’t know everything yet.  I’m tired of the world telling me what is black and white, I want to hear from God and in the meantime I live in the grey.

There are two ‘days’ within Destination: Transformation that directly address this,  The first is ‘Day 11: Letting go of knowing everything’ and also ‘Day 32: What is the message?’ where the book encourages the reader to continue to work to change the world even if they don’t have all the answers.  He loves the humble and longs for us to seek Him for the truth.  God can use anyone, especially those mired in greyness who seek Him for what is black and white.

If you want to continue reading those sections now, the kindle link is

candle advent

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