It’s a dichotomy

us them

I have noted before on this blog the dichotomy that exists in America between high patriotism and low solidarity (Patriotism but no SolidarityWhere have American Christians put their crosses?Some bible verses in support of Solidarity & Fraternity).  It continues to baffle me how the two co-exist, and whilst I have some ideas about how solidarity is created in Europe (to be discussed in a future post), the evident lack of solidarity and brotherly love for mankind in America is now on show to the whole world.

Leading American politicians are doing all they can to prevent Syrian and Muslim refugees from entering their country and it seems impossible to hide the driving lack of love for the other and those that are different which motivates this.  Their uncompassionate response has been met with distaste from many in Europe and thankfully from large numbers of Americans themselves.

I am fortunate to attend a church that is willing to discuss these kinds of questions and I have started to pose my question ‘why high patriotism and low solidarity?’ to Christians around me.  I don’t have many answers yet, but I am still seeking to understand the dichotomy, if I find some answers they will of course be posted here.


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