Ground Rush

It’s not long now until the release of my book ‘Come with me to Kathmandu: 12 powerful stories of women’s courageous faith in Nepal’, and it’s all beginning to feel rather real.

First off, there will be a book launch to which all readers of this blog are invited. It’s going to be held on Saturday, 18th March, both online and in-person, at our church here in Belgium. Check the image above for your time zone, and if I’ve missed your location, you’re still very welcome.

At the launch, I’ll be interviewed by a friend, and we’ll intercept that with a few videos of people and places in Nepal. Towards the end, there will be a chance for Q&A with me, and then finally, we’ll toast the book with prayer, launching it to the world!

My hope is that the book will inspire much prayer and action on behalf of the women of Nepal who face so much hardship and deprivation. Yet, despite their circumstances, they are each overcomes, and I desire for the book to be inspirational as well. Do let me know whether you think I achieve this balance between compassion and confidence.

For one week in April, I plan to make a mini tour of England to visit churches that support Women Without Roofs – Nepal (the women featured in the book are all connected to WWR) to talk about the book and the women in it. I am very excited, but there is so much to organise. As well as these events, I continue to run WWR and am starting on the next book … watch this space!

In the meantime, please enjoy this short video of me (nervous cough!) and some street scenes from Kathmandu. Thanks for all your support. I hope to see many of you online and ‘on the road’.

DislocatedChristians exists to create and support a community of like-minded people. I’ve described myself as Dislocated because I sometimes struggle to understand how God wants me to be in the world, but not of the world. I also move house a lot!

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