Listen to me being interviewed on UCB2

It was my honour and privilege to be interviewed by Ruth O’Reilly-Smith on UCB2 radio yesterday. I was racked with nerves, but Ruth put me at ease and asked some great questions about my writing, work in Nepal and faith story. Please click the button to listen online. At the time of writing, my interview is listed top as it was the most recent, but you may need to scroll down to find me: Anna Townsend – Come With me to Kathmandu.

DislocatedChristians exists to create and support a community of like-minded people. I’ve described myself as Dislocated because I sometimes struggle to understand how God wants me to be in the world, but not of the world. I also move house a lot!

Please like, comment on, or share my articles if you’ve found them helpful. I’d be immensely grateful if you could follow me; click towards the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to support my writing, please consider buying one of my books. I’m also undertaking some challenging new projects, and if you’d like to encourage me with them, please consider buying me a coffee on Kofi.

Just as we are each a work in progress, so too is DislocatedChristians. Sometimes I’ll get things wrong, and I hope you’ll forgive me and continue to stick around when that happens.

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