Now Available: Who Am I? Delving into the lives and experiences of people living with HIV

Who Am I? Shanti Foundation book front cover

It has been a labour of love. The collaborative project between myself, my daughter and the Shanti Foundation to bring the stories of people living with HIV to a broader audience is complete.

Many of the women featured in the book were originally trafficking victims; although they have escaped the confines of the brothels they were forced to work at, the lasting effects of HIV have left them feeling worthless and despised. Their children, although not usually HIV-positive, are treated with similar contempt by society.

The stories in the book are both harrowing and uplifting, and I am sure they will shock you. So many survivors suffered appalling treatment at the hands of doctors who would refuse to treat HIV-infected persons. Though they treated the physical effects of the illness, these doctors only served to inflict deeper psychological wounds.

Thankfully these women have banded together to support each other, and the transformation is remarkable. The Shanti Foundation is changing lives, and you will be supporting their work by buying this book.

The book is now available across all Amazon marketplaces, in paperback or Kindle. You can find it in your own country, but here is a starting point:

**All proceeds from the sale of Who Am I? will support the work of the Shanti Foundation**

If you support Tearfund, you may also be interested in the book as they, too, work with the Shanti Foundation.
Read more about Tearfund here.

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