Announcing a Collaboration

Announcing a collaboration between Anna Townsend and Shanti Foundation

I am delighted to let you know that I will be working with the Shanti Foundation in order to publish their book ‘Who Am I? Delving into the lives and experiences of people living with HIV in Nepal’ on Amazon to reach an international audience.

The Shanti Foundation do incredible work here in Kathmandu, advocating for people living with HIV. They are a non-profit community-based organisation established and operated by sex trafficking survivors and HIV-infected women. Together they transform their grief and shame into courage and power so that other women and girls like them don’t have to go through the circumstances they had to.

The foundation has already published ‘Who Am I?’ in Nepal, and I will be helping them to reach a wider audience. Their book reflects the pain, sorrow, struggles and anguish that people living with HIV also bear. When I first read it, I found it incredibly moving and the stories highlight tremendous injustice and ostracism. Thankfully the women featured have found the Shanti Foundation and the support they need. As the Shanti Foundation puts it, they need more helping hands, and by editing and making the book available on Amazon, my hope is that the book will reach those who can assist.

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Thank you

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