Are you alive?

Are you alive? I hurt, therefore I am text on black background

Other Christians seem to be carrying on as usual.

In church, people seem to have no problem worshipping God. Yet, we’re living (so far) through a pandemic. I know people that have died and others who came close; it’s impossible not to feel angry with God. Yet, I seem to be the only one.

The words of the worship songs feel like sand in my mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in God; I don’t buy it that this stunningly complex world came about by accident.
But, what has God been doing while so many people have been dying and others grieving?
My belief in God that He is all-powerful and could have helped more makes the pain I feel greater.

Can pain be good for us?

I’ve spoken with women who have suffered from leprosy; pain is a gift that prevents further harm. If we never felt anguish, we would not learn to be compassionate and sympathetic. Pain is a teacher; it has so much to show us.

We know we are alive when we feel pain.

I hurt; therefore, I am.

And I believe, too, that we are made in God’s image.
If I feel pain and anger because of Covid, maybe He feels it too.
I hurt, He hurts.

If I, fallen selfish and limited, cannot remain indifferent to the pain of others suffering from Covid, maybe He can’t either.

A God that cares is worth worshipping.

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