Snap, film, chat, write – An author’s life in Nepal

Snap, film, chat, write - an author's life in Nepal, view of mountains, stupa and prayer flags

Regular readers of this blog will know I am currently writing a book about Christian women in Nepal. My contract with Authentic media requires me to write twelve chapters, and I have written nine to date. The deadline for my completed manuscript is March next year, and the book should be published around six months after that.

Nowadays, being an author is not only about penning my thoughts; I’m also having fun letting people know what I’m up to on social media. Recently, I’ve been busy adding Youtube videos to my channel and posting regularly on Instagram.

The setting for my latest interview was stunning, and you can view it here.

The woman I interviewed even had a breathtaking view of the mountains from her squat toilet, given that there were so many gaps in the brick wall surrounding it.

To interview the woman featured in chapter eight, I travelled for two days to Solukhumbu. Of Nepal’s 77 districts, Solukhumbu is the one that abuts Mount Everest. It was quite an adventure, and I have put together this playlist, which lasts eight minutes in total, so you can get a feel for where she lives.

I’m currently writing from this gorgeous bungalow in Pokhara; it’s my writing hideaway for the next few days.

As I walk around Nepal, I find so many fascinating things to photograph that my Instagram page is rapidly filling up. Would you please take a look and follow me if you’d like to know what I discover next?

Instagram profile dislocated christians

DislocatedChristians exists to create and support a community of like-minded people. My prayer is that you’ll find some echoes of your dilemmas with church and culture in these pieces, and it will encourage you to know others have the same struggles. Please like, comment on or share my articles if you’ve found them helpful. I’d be immensely grateful if you could follow me; click towards the bottom of the page.

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Just as we are each a work in progress, so too is DislocatedChristians. Sometimes I’ll get things wrong, and I hope you’ll forgive me and continue to stick around when that happens.

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