Could the feminist movement provide the answer to abortion that Republicans are looking for?

It is International Women’s Day and a plethora of articles have appeared bemoaning the lack of equality that there is among men and women in America.  See Cancel the Party: Here’s a Killjoy Memo for U.S. Women.

American women get a raw deal, be it maternity leave, maternity pay or healthcare, almost all other countries provide more for mothers.

And who has been opposing the introduction of these benefits the most?  The Republican party, who simultaneously claim to be adamantly against abortion.

Surely though, these benefits would strongly encourage women to keep their babies and not abort them.  The feminist movement, so long seen by the Republican party as incompatible with their aims, may in fact hold the key to preventing abortion.  The Republican party needs to look beyond just closing down Planned Parenthood facilities and consider why women are seeking abortions in the first place and how the women can best be supported.  Currently conservatives demand that women keep their unborn children, then deny them health coverage when they are born.  They make the decision tougher for women, rather than offer any incentive to women to keep their babies.

It doesn’t add up.

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