If Trump isn’t a wake up call to Evangelical Christians then I don’t know who else could be

I’m an Evangelical Christian, but I’m British, so please don’t think I’m a Republican.

However, I am surrounded by countless Republicans who seem utterly shocked and surprised that someone like Trump could rise up to be the Republican candidate.  They, like me, find him abhorrent.

Let’s not forget though, that the Republican party has been the nasty party for quite sometime.  It is well known that it has received millions from the gun lobby so that gun controls remain impotent.  Likewise the party has stymied every effort by Obama to expand health coverage.  Most Europeans view healthcare as a human right and find the American attitude to it pretty disgusting.

As with Trump, the Republican party is already mired in contradictory positions.  Pro-life but also pro-gun, pro-life but anti-healthcare.

Frankly, I am tired of republican voters, who claim to be Christian, acting surprised that Trump looks likely to represent them.  For too long they have turned a blind eye to the nastiness of the Republican party and now they are getting the candidate they deserve.  Stop acting surprised and wake up.

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