A first for Branch FM

A month ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Barnabas at Branch FM about my new book. He asked me some fantastic questions, and I very much enjoyed speaking with him. Apparently, I was the first person he had ever interviewed for radio. Our chat is now available as a podcast on Spotify, and you can listen to it here.

This evening I will be interviewed by Stuart for Hope FM, his programme is a Christian version of Desert Island Discs, and I have already submitted my five life-defining songs to him. I’ve included a corker of a song from 1980s Bible weeks! I wonder if anyone else will remember it? Tomorrow I’m going to be interviewed by Jade for BFBS radio. Life has changed!

DislocatedChristians exists to create and support a community of like-minded people. I’ve described myself as Dislocated because I sometimes struggle to understand how God wants me to be in the world, but not of the world. I also move house a lot!

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Just as we are each a work in progress, so too is DislocatedChristians. Sometimes I’ll get things wrong, and I hope you’ll forgive me and continue to stick around when that happens.

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