Jesus didn’t die on the cross to help us find bargains in shops. Or did he?

Questions and homewares Discount Sale

We all have that Christian friend, the one who attributes the most shallow of blessings to God’s provision.

“Just look at this patio set, it was the last left in the store. God must have put it aside for me, it was even at a reduced price. Praise God!”

I can’t help feeling that God has much more important matters on which to focus. Like saving lives in Afghanistan or ending human trafficking. Surely he is too great to care about patio sets. And when Jesus died, his focus was on redeeming humanity, not garden decor.

Yet, as Dallas Willard’s book ‘Hearing God’ has reminded me recently, he can do both. His very greatness means he can rescue people from the jaws of death while simultaneously blessing others with discounted patio sets.

To say He wouldn’t do both is to deny His greatness.

Rather than judging the next person who credits God for helping them shop, I should join in with their praise. God is great; why miss out on an opportunity to express that?

Yet, we should remember that we will only see Him where we look for Him. If we limit Him to a God of sales racks and material blessing, we’ll miss the scope of His action and love throughout world history.

Perhaps we can also use the incidents like this as a chance to remember and pray for others with more significant needs.

Father God, thank you for blessing us with discounted goods and beautiful homewares. I pray that you would also bless those people worldwide who require basic supplies for their families. Amen

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