If you’re a fan of humans, your prayers are needed

Comic strip fans and stick men supporting one another

Two weeks ago, the internet site Onlyfans announced that it would no longer host explicit content, but it revoked that decision days later.

Why should Christians be concerned?

Onlyfans is a social media platform that allows members to require other users to pay to access their feeds – think of Facebook with fees to view others’ posts. As a result, it provides a forum for content creators, including sex workers, to charge for views of explicit images and videos. Sadly, since content creators work from home all over the globe, there are no fail-safe means of verifying the age of those depicted in the pornographic images and videos. Neither is it possible to know if they willingly appear in the pictures. Consequently, Onlyfans may well be encouraging human trafficking.

What happened?

In mid-August, Onlyfans announced that it would be banning explicit content from 1st October 2021. When the announcement was made, Onlyfans claimed this was because the site’s payment processors were concerned about the risk of human trafficking. The law requires regulated banks to demonstrate that money passing through their accounts is earned lawfully. It was a great example of how business partnerships and supply chains can prevent human trafficking.

What’s the latest news?

Due to a widespread user backlash, Onlyfans tweeted on 25th August 2021 that their plan to ban explicit content from 1st October 2021 had been suspended. It seems another payment processor might have been found, and it is unclear whether the delay is permanent or temporary.

Now is the time to pray

Thank God that Onlyfans is reviewing its policies and thinking about the harm it may be doing. Pray that Onlyfans would develop a deep desire to protect its vulnerable users and content creators.
Pray that banks and payment processors would act lawfully and continue to exert pressure on Onlyfans to ensure users are safe and are not exploited.
Pray that those viewing explicit content would not develop harmful and objectifying views of women (in particular) and that this would not lead to domestic violence and other sexual crimes.

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