The Nosey Trinity I: the results are in

Nosey Trinity Three Quick Questions about Christian Life Dislocated Christians Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent survey to discover what our readers think and believe. You can still take part here.

It’s encouraging to see that most of our readers find it easier to imagine God as Loving and Merciful rather than Judging.

Do you find it easier to imagine God as Loving and Merciful or Judging?

The second question: ‘Do you believe God gives people too much to do?’ divided responses far more, though no one responded with a ‘Yes’.

In his book ‘Renovated’, Jim Wilder postulates that many of us have too much pride and think we are indispensable; therefore, we find it hard to rest and leave matters to God.  As a result, we become far too busy and take on responsibilities that are not ours.

While I agree with this in theory, I find myself surrounded by a world with many problems. I am not particularly good at leaving things to God, when the needs seem so great.  We published this parable about busyness last year; perhaps it will be useful to some. What do my readers think about pride and busyness? Please leave your comments below.

Do you believe God gives people too much to do?

The responses to the final question: ‘When you feel distant from God, what helps you to reconnect with Him?’ will be used in a forthcoming article entitled ‘Absent Father’ that is part of ‘The Oxymoronic God’ series. If you do not already, please follow Dislocated Christians (see box below) to be notified when the article is published.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Dislocated Christians exists to create and support a community of like-minded people. Our prayer is that you’ll find some echoes of your own dilemmas with church and culture in these articles and it will encourage you to know others have the same struggles. Please like, comment on or share our articles if you’ve found them helpful. We’d be especially grateful if you could follow us, just click towards the bottom of the page.

Just as we are each works in progress, so too is Dislocated Christians. Sometimes we’ll get things wrong and we hope that when that happens, you’ll forgive us and continue to stick around.

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