How to decide who to vote for – just one piece of advice

How to decide who to vote for Dislocated Christians

If you do just one thing to prepare for an election then please make sure you find out what each party or candidate is proposing in their own words.

Do not rely on an opposition party to tell you what the other party will do.

If the right tells you ‘don’t vote for the left because they will do this’ or if the left tells you ‘if you elect the right, then your life will be like this’, ignore it all. Let each party speak for itself and make your own mind up. Cut out the middlemen and the political slurs.

It’s best to read about, not to watch, what the party or candidate intends to do. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated emotionally by any single spokesperson or a rousing speech with little substance.

That’s it.

If you have time for another piece of advice, then please continue reading.

Spend some time praying about and reflecting on the needs of your household and community. How would you like to see them flourish, what would cause them to thrive? Decide which of the following is most important to you and what decisions you would like to have made regarding them.

Once you have your own priorities on these topics, compare them to the parties’ election pledges. Who measures up to your aspirations?

Vote for a politician that gives you hope for your dreams. Many candidates do work hard to come up with ideas to help their constituencies fulfil their potential, investigate their suggestions and take the time to understand them. They can only serve you if you give them a chance.

Finally, pray for whomever is elected.

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