Better late than never

It has been ages since I last wrote something on here, it has been hard to pin down everything I have been thinking about and form coherent points.

In a previous post I promised an observation on why I believe there to be greater solidarity in Britain. I think it is to do with our schooling. Pretty much everyone goes to a school outside the home, unlike the USA, and shares a common experience. Uniforms help too. I can’t help but observe that the American preference for home schooling and small, mostly Christian, private schools, is detrimental to society and only adds to the ‘us/them’ dichotomy seen everywhere from politics to gated community.

Another realisation I have regrettably come to, and why at times I can finding living in the USA so depressing, is this.  Living in fairly atheist Britain, as part of what is essentially a Christian minority, I had always believed that if there were more Christians the country would be better. Yet I come to America where the percentage of practicing Christians is far higher and find ugly arguments over guns, xenophobic reactions to the plight of refugees and men, such as Ted Cruz, who calls himsef a Christian, with an agenda that is utterly different to what I believe is on Jesus’ heart (poverty anyone?).

I think it’s time to go home.

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