Missing and under peer pressure?

What has happened to gay Christians who in the past believed they should be celibate rather than act on their sexual orientation?  I remember as a child that there were stories of gay Christians who had renounced their sexuality and chosen to spend life alone, with God, rather than living life as a gay person.  Being gay was far more socially unacceptable at the time, both in Christian and non-Christian circles.  I don’t remember meeting any of these people and I have no idea how many of them there really were, but testimonies of the difficult decisions they had made certainly circulated.

If these people believed that God had clearly told them to be celibate and perhaps that being gay was a sin, then how are they feeling now? Especially since the public mood is so pro-gay marriage and they now have legal permission to marry if they so wish.

These people have given up so much to obey God and if they still believe that celibacy is the right choice for them, must now be under such pressure to change their mind.  Of course God can also call heterosexual people to a life of celibacy but it can never be an easy decision for anyone.

I want to pray for anyone who is still confused, or feels they gave up so much to follow God, but are now wondering if they heard from Him correctly.  Answer their doubts please Lord.

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