Suki’s Escape

Bus parked in Kathmandu

Suki’s life has been very hard. She was disfigured as a child after rolling into a fire; consequently, she has been ostracised all her life. Having had an arranged marriage and giving birth to four children, she couldn’t bear her in-law’s abuse any longer. She took her four young children and escaped to Kathmandu. This video tracks her arrival and journey through the city from Ratna Park to Lagankhel to Ikhalakhu.

Suki’s story is told in the book ‘Come with me to Kathmandu: 12 powerful stories of women’s courageous faith in Nepal’ written by Anna Townsend. The book is due to be released to mark International women’s Day in 2023. Please follow this blog for more updates and videos of Nepal; just enter your email address here.

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