Final Interview, Final Chapter

Typewriter to indicate author writing final chapter

Hooray! I have reached the end. For the last fifteen months, I have been writing my book ‘Come with me to Kathmandu: Finding out what God is doing among women in Nepal’ and on Sunday, I conducted my last interview with the final woman.

It feels bittersweet; I have loved meeting the women and hearing their stories, though they have often been utterly heartbreaking. In this last interview, I learnt about the Christian revival in India’s Nagaland and heard about my interviewee’s incredible mother. Her Mum never seemed to know when she was pregnant and would head into the forest as usual and come back with a baby. Sometimes she would be late to make dinner, and her children would find her tucked away somewhere, having just given birth. It was a family joke, and, in total, she gave birth to ten children like this, making no fuss at all.

One aspect of my subject’s story has set some alarm bells ringing for me, so I’ve contacted an investigative journalist. I’ll update more on this in later posts; unfortunately, I won’t know whether my hunch is correct for a while.

I have a few days to finish writing this last chapter, and then I need to tidy up the conclusion before I send in the completed manuscript to Authentic Media on Tuesday. After that, I enter the tedious editing process and have the fun of choosing artwork and fonts.

Please enjoy some photos I took while visiting the latest lady. The book should be published before Christmas 2022. Please follow this blog by entering your email address below or liking the DislocatedChristians Facebook page; I’ll make sure to notify you when the book is released.

More photos of Nepal are available to view on my Instagram page, and I regularly add videos to Youtube.

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Just as we are each a work in progress, so too is DislocatedChristians. Sometimes I’ll get things wrong, and I hope you’ll forgive me and continue to stick around when that happens.

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