A Covid Year in Books

Front pages of my 2020 books

I think book tokens still exist, so if you get one for Christmas (other vouchers are available!) here are eight books, out of those pictured above, that I’ve read this year and recommend.

Best Christian Devotional.

These books have become worldwide bestsellers. I recommend reading the novels and bible study guides together, you’ll get so much more out of the experience. ‘Sensible Shoes

Best Beach Read.

Helen Fielding, author of ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ wrote this in the early 90s, it was her first novel and features bad boyfriends and witty asides. It brings back memories of a time before the internet. ‘Cause Celeb

Best book about Kathmandu and Nepal.

Since I live here now, this collection of short stories is a great way to get to know some of the streets and places I frequent and to understand how modern Nepali people juggle tradition and new ideas. ‘Royal Ghosts

Best book for intellectuals.

This is an absurd book that will get you thinking. ‘Master and Margarita

Best book about politics.

Yes, some good books about politics do exist. ‘Is God a Populist?

Best book to change your life.

This is a profound book that I want to revisit in 2021. ‘Renovated: God, Dallas Willard and the church that transforms

Best book for everyone to read.

The nation of Israel has a troubled history, this account of life there is a must-read. ‘You can’t hide the sun

Best book to get absorbed in.

The streets of Madrid and Morocco come to life in this tale of love and war. ‘The Seamstress‘.

Merry Christmas and happy reading in 2021!

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