When God shows His true colours

Unfinished acrylic painting of oranges: When God shows His true colours

The facts are black and white.
Love is the colour.
When the facts are confusing, the situation chaotic, love makes sense of it.
We see more.

Unfinished acrylic painting of orange

If you see people with love, you see them as God sees them, and that’s the truth. If you hate others, you might get the ‘facts’ straight, but the truth will elude you.

Half finished chalk pastel drawing of face

When you became a Christian did you know all the theory? What was your understanding of salvation? Could you have explained substitutionary atonement?

Not in their entirety.

How does it work for you?
Might it be that God’s love for you and your love for Him draw you together so that the gaps are filled in?
That’s faith.
And love.
And truth.

Who speaks truth to you?
Do you love the voice?
I hope it’s God.

Thank you to Lorna for her illustrations, her art is available to buy at AnimalAnimals on Etsy.

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