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Destination: Transformation | small group | Study Guide | Change the world | Christian

At long last the group study guide to accompany my book Destination: Transformation is available. I have been piloting it and testing the questions so it comes having been road-tested and recommended by a diverse group of Christian friends.

As for pricing – I have opted for the lowest possible prices for both the paperback and kindle version, in the hope to make it accessible to everyone. Only the leader of the small group needs to purchase the group guide, but each member of the group requires a copy of the original book. Feel free to post any questions here if you need some advice about what you need to buy.

The group study guide covers six sessions:

Session 1: What is God doing?
Session 2: Overcoming and spiritual practices
Session 3: Hope, Love and Progress
Session 4: What have you heard?
Session 5: Taking Action
Session 6: Involving Others

and is designed to be used simultaneously as participants work through the 40 original work book.

And here’s the blurb from the back of the book – I hope this helps explain what it is all about:

We all know that the world is hurting. Our daily lives are filled with an endless stream of bad news from Facebook, television, radio and more. As we hear about multiple overwhelming problems, both local and global, we often feel clueless as to how to respond them all. The question ‘What would Jesus do?’ doesn’t seem to apply anymore, because Jesus wasn’t bombarded with constant media stories of doom and gloom.

The good news is that God can change the world – and he wants to do it through you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the answers or if you are hurt, you can be used by God to make the world better. The key is to allow God to ignite a fire and passion within you that drives you to love more, make changes and never give up.

Destination: Transformation is your map to the exciting journey of partnering with God to transform not just the world, but yourself. This easy-to-follow, 40-day devotional plan will help you:

  • identify your calling within God’s mission to transform the world
  • recognise where you need to be healed
  • discover your gifts and how they can be used by God
  • practically partner with others to heal and change the world.

If you dream of being involved with what God is doing and desire to leave the world in a better state for the next generation, then Destination: Transformation will show you how to partner with God to meet the needs of others in a way only you can.

Destination: Transformation | small group | Study Guide | Change the world | Christian

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