Reflections on 2 Kings 6:8-23 What can you see?

Blinded by light | 2 Kings| What can you see | Bible

Please read the passage here.

There are five protagonists in the story and each of them sees things differently.

  • The servant – he can’t see enough, he doesn’t realise the Armies of God are with them.
  • The Arameans – they can see too much, God blinds them and then leads them according to his will, which results in blessing (a feast) and peace.
  • Elisha – appears to be able to see everything, but with that comes responsibility
  • The King of Israel – only sees the end of the story, and jumps to the wrong conclusion until he is corrected
  • Us – we look back on the story and can see how God provides an unusual solution to a problem that manages to bless everyone involved, it was by no means an obvious solution.

In the situations we face, can we identify with any of these characters in a helpful way?

Do we fail to see how God is with us? Ask God to open your eyes to see his presence.

Or are we overwhelmed with detail or battling with distractions? Do we need to ask God to blind us from some things so that he can lead us into a place of blessing?

Or are we like Elisha, aware of everything but knowing that with that knowledge comes great responsibility? (An earlier post about Wriggle Room might be useful here).

Rather, are we at the end of the story and in need of knowing more of the history of a situation so that we can do the right thing now. Ask God to help you understand the full story.

If we can look back and see how God has worked in amazing and unexpected ways, then thank and praise him.

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