It’s difficult to know what to pray for North Korea

Numerous chimneys in an industrial area of North Korea

This afternoon, among others, I have read two articles that worry me.  The one that frightens me the most is this article by Eliot Cohen, entitled ‘Waiting for the Bomb to Drop‘.  In actual fact, the title doesn’t give a very good sense of what the piece is about, basically Cohen argues that Donald Trump is convinced he is doing a good job as President and that this is giving him the confidence to provoke North Korea into a war.

The second piece I have read today is one of the many articles circulating right now about the President of the USA’s mental state.  Coupled with the former piece, it doesn’t bode well, and hence Cohen’s conclusion that it is just a matter of time before the USA goes to war with North Korea.  I thought Cohen had a great handle on the attitude of America’s allies to such a war: “they too will discover that their populations’ mistrust and disgust toward the American president will undermine their participation in a war”.

So, as someone who wants to pray for the world, in line with what God wants me to intercede for, I’m not sure what to pray for the North Korea.  Yes, I want peace, and I want USA’s President to refrain from pressing the nuclear button, but on the other hand, the status quo for North Korea isn’t good enough either.  North Korea’s people are living in poverty and it remains the worst place in the world to be a Christian, topping Open Doors persecution watch list for many years.

I’m tempted at this point to write something glib, to grab for a bible verse and say I’m going to pray that over this whole situation, but today that doesn’t seem enough and I don’t have the faith.  Instead I feel the need to simply cry for mercy, because I’m scared for all of Korea’s people, and I’m certain there are many more like me who feel afraid and uncertain about what will happen next.  Lord have mercy.

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