Praying with Steve Jobs

I’ve had the phenomenal privilege over the past six weeks to be part of a Sante Group with the fabulous Kate McCord, author of ‘In the Land of Blue Burqas’.  A small group of us have met over the internet (using the App, it’s rather like a group Skype) and have used seven different prayer methods to journey to know Jesus more.

One of our prayer methods was to pray using a picture.  First we were to read the passages in the bible about Jesus’ baptism.  Then prayerfully find a picture that resonated with us and the story.


I chose this one.  It is a photo of graffiti by Banksy, showing Steve Jobs as a refugee in Calais.  Like Jesus and John the Baptist, Steve Jobs turned up where the authorities weren’t expecting him; he is the son of a Syrian refugee.  John the Baptist and Jesus defied expectations too, they were unusual cousins.  The religious leaders of the time denounced them and eventually killed Jesus.  John didn’t survive either.

My time with Kate and the Sante Group has sadly come to an end now, it has been amazing, but she is starting several new groups and they are open to anyone to join them.  I can’t recommend them enough, if you’d like to join one please take a look at this website and e-mail Kate, she will let you know when groups are about to start.

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