There are no right people

One of the remedies for reducing gun deaths that I hear most often from Americans is that they wish guns could be kept out of the hands of the ‘wrong’ people,  but that it is ok for the ‘right’ people to have guns.

There are no right people though, all of us are capable of using guns in a bad way.  This is backed up both theologically and in practice.  The bible tells us we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God.  We are all wrong people.

History tells us too that in certain circumstances, the nicest people can become the deadliest killers. Think of the ordinary, law abiding citizens of Germany who were brainwashed into killing multitudes at Auschwitz.

We are capable of far more sin and harm than we imagine and there are no right people who we can be certain will never use a gun for harm.

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