Night of Power

It is nearly the end of Ramadan, and tonight is the night of power when Muslims seek and expect Allah to speak to them.  I am in so much admiration of my Muslim friends who have fasted both food and water between the hours of sunrise and sunset this past month – each day must be like doing a marathon and they tell me the fast gets harder everyday – my close friend says she aches for it to be over.  The dates of Ramadan change every year, but this time must surely have been one of the most difficult to go without food and water – the days in June and July are longest and hottest.

My prayer for all my Muslims friends is that tonight, during the night of power, they would find assurance of the salvation that they seek.  I pray that God would meet them in their dreams and show them that he has given them the free gift of salvation through grace that can not be earned – we all fall short.

Maybe these films will be of interest, they are in Pashto

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